LMR – April 2012

One of the most remarkable attributes of wealth is that it is unequally distributed. This is a fact of life for all countries and all inhabitants of the earth. It is the way the world is. Even the materials for producing wealth are unevenly distributed, not only on the surface of the earth, but also in the soil underneath it. Some parts of the world are frigid cold while others are blazing hot making it impossible in either of these terrains to grow food that will sustain life.

BankNotes – April 2012

Hands down, the biggest stumbling block to spreading the “good news” of Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) is that it relies on acquiring whole life insurance policies. As “everybody knows,” only a fool would take out such a policy—just ask Dave Ramsey! The financial gurus tell us with confidence that an individual does much better to “buy term and invest the difference.” In the present article I’ll point out some of the flaws with this standard objection to whole life (and by implication, IBC).