LMR – June 2012

It is pointless to wax eloquent on the subject of liberty and what it means to be free if we don’t first comprehend man’s true nature and the natural world in which he exists. Like the world around us, man is defective. No matter what institution man becomes a part of, whether it be government, the church, or marriage, he taints it with this broken aspect of himself.

BankNotes – June 2012

One of the nicest features of whole life insurance is the ability of a policyholder to “get at his money” during the entire life of the policy, as opposed to taxqualified investment vehicles that typically assess severe penalties for early withdrawals. Specifically, the whole life owner can take out a policy loan, gaining the use of his cash value, at any time. It is through taking out (and paying back!) policy loans that a person can use a whole life policy for “banking” purposes.