BankNotes – May 2013

Dr. Solomon Stephen Huebner was a distinguished professor of insurance at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and chairman of the Department of Insurance at the institution. He is responsible for having written the very first textbook on insurance in 1915 and introduced the first university-level insurance course in the United States. This earned him the accolade “the teacher who changed an industry.”

LMR – May 2013

At one time or another most of us fancy the silly idea of being able to foretell the future. “If I only knew what happens next…” we often find ourselves saying. Unfortunately, one of the fundamental conditions of man’s existence is the impossibility of this wish. We knew this, of course, but still wished it were so. Man cannot predict the future. He can only speculate and at most attain a sense of the probability of future outcomes of his actions.