BankNotes – August 2013

Don’t think of problems as difficulties, think of them as opportunities for action. Hard as they are, they may turn out to be blessings in disguise. – C. F. Kleinknecht
Is it not true that most people look upon their problems only as difficulties? Even worse, they regard their problems as dreaded invasions of the serene life. Why this perverse view? Problems should be likened to birth pains; the good life has its genesis in them and their “painful “ overcoming. Let’s see if we can make the case for joyfully overcoming them.

LMR – August 2013

Not every organization of coercion is called a State. however, the State is that institution which claims a monopoly to decide on the legitimate use of force, and which derives its funding in a nonvoluntary process. (If taxes were truly voluntary, we would have a club, not a State.) Because they perceive its tremendous power, many people align themselves with the State.