BankNotes – September 2013

An audience of 375 from 27 States for the Friday afternoon and evening were treated to a message from featured speaker, Dr. Ron Paul. He is the most outspoken critic of the Federal Reserve System under which we all live, thanks to a monopoly granted in December 1913. His book, End the Fed written in 2009 is widely read by many people who know the fallacies of central banks all over the world. Central banks have created the worst financial condition that has ever existed and Dr. Paul is the champion of exposing this fact.

LMR – September 2013

The total number of casualties in World War I was estimated at 37 million people. World War II deaths totaled approximately 75 million of which 35 million were civilians. These statistics impress upon us how merciless modern war can be. Mises’ insight into the nature of war and its irrationality compels us to think deeply on the matter while at the same time convicts us.