BankNotes – November 2013

Nothing in recent years has convinced me more of this fact than attempting to explain the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) to others. When I consider the number of years it took me to finally understand it, I wonder if its simplicity is not perhaps the real source of its difficulty. It is so simple it makes no sense! But, of course, that’s not it at all, there is much more to it than that. IBC involves matters having to do with money, credit and how it flows in the entirety of our economy. Those particular elements have never been simple for anybody.

LMR – November 2013

“To regain paradigms lost,” is a phrase that appears in the closing sentences of Murray Rothbard’s crowning achievement, The History of Economic Thought Before Adam Smith, written before his death in 1995. In this last paragraph of his last masterpiece he is describing how the development of knowledge in a scienti#c discipline is never a steady climb upwards into the light of wisdom where scientists go and simply pick up amassed understanding and take it to the next insightful level.