BankNotes – January 2014

The only way I know to get at the roots of the mess we are in is to keep probing in every way until the last sustaining feeder is cut. And one of those feeders, I believe, is apathy. The impulse to run the lives of others – the little-god syndrome – flourishes to the extent that the others are apathetic. To curb the dictocratic impulse calls for alertness, thinking for self, vigilance, virtuousness, a genuine care for God and man.

LMR – January 2014

TAXATION IS ROBBERY, by Frank Chodorov. “There it was; simple perhaps, but how many of us, let alone how many professors of the economics of taxation, have ever given utterance to this shattering and demolishing truth? Frank was always like that.” —Murray N. Rothbard
It’s true. Here is a writer that was profoundly honest and just told it like it is.