BankNotes – July 2014

The production of money in a free society is a matter of free association. Everybody from the miners to the owners of the mines, to the minters, and up to the customers who buy the minted coins — all benefit from the production of money. None of them violates the property rights of anybody else, because everybody is free to enter the mining and minting business, and nobody is obliged to buy the product.

LMR – July 2014

Every quarter of the year millions of Americans open up their 401(k) or 403(b) qualified plan reports and receive a tremendous boost to their overall financial well being. There is a sense of growing wealth and prosperity that surges through the individual from merely looking at the rising numbers of this quarter compared to last. It is all because the rising numbers on the reports are tied to the stock market and these days it is soaring at an all time high.