BankNotes – December 2014

There is a reason for our mess. We are now reaping the bitter harvest of the poisonous seed sowed intermittently during the past. We are experiencing bad effects whose causation can be traced to the employment of wrong means. We suffer the natural consequences of our folly, which proves once again that the universe is rational. To state this in another way, if improper methods did not lead to failures, we would really have a problem.

LMR – December 2014

Most of the goals we dared to dream about in 2014 came to fruition. For this one reason, this month has been one of reflection and celebration. We remember with gratitude each experience that has taken place over the course of this past year and the good that has come from it. All of the knowledge we have gained, the hard work that paid off, the comfort you have brought to us by being our close supporters— for all of this and more, we are grateful. It’s been a really great year.