LMR – October 2015

What is Money? Wealth is bread for the hungry, clothes for the naked, and shelter from the storm. It is education, independence, dignity, confidence, and charity. Wealth is the honorable result of labor and exchange. Money is not wealth. Nearly everyone gets this confused.

BankNotes – October 2015

When I was in the second through fourth grades in grammar school we lived across the road from the airport in Athens, Georgia. I was just a kid who became fascinated with airplanes. Fantasizing what it would be like to be a pilot of one occupied a great deal of my time. Would you believe it? Just six years later I made my first solo flight on that very airport in a Taylorcraft BC-12D – a two-seater, side-by-side “tail-dragger” light airplane, powered by a 65 horsepower Continental engine.