LMR – September 2016

This election is more vitriolic than any we can remember. Even Americans who are normally apathetic about politics are breaking friendships over this pair of deplorables. Trump’s critics point out that he is a boor, liar, and hardly a Christian role model in his business enterprises. Clinton’s critics point out that she is a criminal, liar, and hardly a peacemaker in her conduct of foreign policy. To all of which we say: You’re right.

BankNotes – September 2016

The Republican and Democrat Party Conventions are now behind us. But through all the cheers and jeers, hoopla and poopla, warnings of a dark and dangerous future or promises of a bright and beautiful shape-of-things-to-come, one of the most serious shadows hanging over America was hardly mentioned at all: the unsustainability of the “entitlement” programs of the welfare state.