LMR – November 2018

What Dr. Carson is making clear is that “by our practice, we say that we believe in free enterprise—except… Except for public utilities. Except for the railroads. Except for mail delivery. Except for medical services. Except for housing, financing, and real estate transactions. Except for large corporations. Except for education. Except for interest rates. Except for farmers. Except for small business. Except for industrial workers. In short, a case could be made that Americans believe in free enterprise except in whatever activities they happen to be considering.”

Banknotes – November 2018

Individuals who own one or several dividend-paying Whole Life insurance policies that are designed in the special way advocated by Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) are often faced with a perplexing question and a decision they must make whenever the need arises to purchase or pay for something.