LMR – December 2018

We thought long and hard about what we would share with you that you would remember long past this holiday season that encompasses the days of Christmas that lead up to the New Year. We searched deeply for a gift of a spiritual nature that would help you and us overcome the growing economic tensions, social hostilities and political uncertainties of our world that at times tend to overpower us with a sense of dread. We decided that this one refrain that we read repeatedly throughout Holy Scripture — “Do not be afraid,” is the most appropriate one.

BankNotes – December 2018

When I wrote Building Your Warehouse of Wealth, a short chapter was devoted to my personal experience with U.S. Silver Eagle coins. A short review of the decision to purchase these coins is necessary. In 1977 two partners and I bought some timberland on Interstate 20 in Talladega County, AL. On the North side of the highway we had the highest point in that broad valley — an ideal spot that attracted owners of cellphone towers. Several years later we got a lease from one of them at a modest annual income for five years — and with a provision that the income would increase 20% each five years as long as they wished to do so.