LMR – January 2019

There is one aspect of our strategy that we believe is not fully understood, or has still not been fully grasped by those helping to build the 10%. It merits close scrutiny and may explain our lack of impetus in selling our ideas with conviction. Without the benefits of this unique insight, the ability to visualize the tipping
point can seem difficult and far-fetched. With it, the embers burn brighter and converting others to our beliefs becomes more feasible.

BankNotes – January 2019

The many contradictions among different philosophical theories have caused much confusion over the years. Unfortunately, too few teachers and textbooks explain the basic principles that could help students discriminate
intelligently among them and understand the ethical code which fosters freedom, morality and social cooperation. Thus, Henry Hazlitt deserves special credit for bringing logic and clarity to the subject. His book, The Foundations of Morality, was first published in 1964. After having been out of print for several years, it is again available thanks to Nash and the Institute for Humane Studies.