LMR – February 2018

Why in the world do people consent to their being enslaved by the State? This was the question that Étienne de La Boétie sought to uncover and expose in this nearly lost and forgotten document of the 16th century. While many great philosophical thinkers of the past and present have attempted to plumb the depths of tyranny Boétie delves into the dark nature of State rule itself. And although much can be said about his insight and style of writing, it is the power of his own words that does the convincing. His conclusion was that people choose to enslave themselves.

BankNotes – February 2019

I argue in my talk that Nelson Nash should be considered an intellectual heir to the founder of the Austrian School of Economics, Carl Menger. The specific thread that ties these two men together is the subject of capital. Unfortunately, the idea of capital is fuzzy. Ask 100 people what it is, you’ll get 150 answers.