BankNotes – June 2019

One Of the most common questions we get from the public is whether IBC “works” or “makes sense” for someone who is older and/or in relatively poor wealth. People naturally worry whether the “pure cost of life insurance”— which is more expensive for older and/or sicker individuals, of course— at some point could make IBC impractical. If so, would it be better for people in this situation to take out IBC
policies on others who are
younger and/or in better health?

LMR – June 2019

Say what you will about dictatorship, but at least its victims don’t have to suffer through political campaigns. As the Democrats keep one-upping each other with promises on the minimum wage, health insurance, student tuition, the “Green New Deal,” and even a federally guaranteed “basic income,” Americans are realizing with growing astonishment that Trump may very well be re-elected— notwithstanding a full-court press assuring the public that he was personally installed in office by Vladimir Putin.