LMR – November 2019

There are many reasons to feel hopeless. It’s not just our governing institutions, but even our fellow citizens, who seem to be going crazy. (And to be fair, many of them think we’re crazy!)
At times like this, the two of us are relieved to know that saving the world isn’t up to us. (It’s good for all of you reading that this is the case.) We have placed our faith in someone with infinitely more wisdom, power, mercy, and justice than the hypocritical “authorities” who are actively debasing our money and provoking low-grade wars around the world.

BankNotes – November 2019

There is no other way to put it. Americans have been tricked! The hidden process of money creation that artificially manipulates interest rates and creates economic booms has misguided society’s views of money and credit. This has been especially noticeable in our modern view of savings. Once considered the bedrock of a household’s financial strategy, traditional savings plans lost favor with the public because they were seen as too slow and boring in an economy that was flush with money and low interest rates.