LMR – April 2020

First things first: We sincerely apologize for our unplanned hiatus. We won’t elaborate on our excuses, but a combination of challenges on our homefronts (including a new baby for Bob!) and the…unusual…events of March, led us to revamp our originally planned December 2019 issue, to give you this April 2020 version instead.
To be clear, in this issue, Carlos’ article and the interview with David Lesperance were prepared in December 2019, well before any of the current crisis hit. But ironically, both of these pieces are now even more poignant.

BankNotes – April 2020

A person’s thoughts over a period of time ultimately results in a set of core beliefs—a mindset—some call it a worldview—that controls human action and gives life meaning and purpose.
Here are three articles that I want to share with you that will give you a rather complete picture of who I really am and why I conceived the Infinite Banking Concept over 30 years ago.